We are an early stage impact fund that backs European companies already shaping a better, brighter future for people and planet.

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We are an early stage impact fund intent on accelerating positive, systemic change that benefits people and planet. We achieve this by backing visionary entrepreneurs with funds to fuel their mission and expertise on how to sustain and measure their success. 

At WakeUp Capital, profit is part of the bigger picture; together with our founders and partner investors, we’re on a mission to build a cleaner, healthier and fairer future for everyone.

The companies we back already have a strong business model; we bring funding and deep expertise, helping founders translate their vision into tangible impacts they can measure and scale

As a fund, we measure our success based on our social and environmental impact targets alongside our financial return, because we know they go hand in hand. 

Mark Peters
Co-Founder and Managing Partner

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We are shifting humanity’s trajectory to a brighter future – and we seek like-minded investors and founders to join us, use the form to contact us (and if you’d like to be added to our newsletter simply type “Newsletter”.)

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We Invest in companies utilizing innovative technology to evolve current practices and combat social and environmental challenges arising due to climate change, biodiversity loss, unsustainable food system, plastic consumption, mass inequality, food insecurity and inadequate healthcare systems.

The founders we back are reimagining how we eat, live, work and learn while serving the unmet needs of communities in Europe and beyond.

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Sustainable Production and Consumption

Re-engineer existing supply and value chains of businesses and legacy industries for a healthier, cleaner, nutritious and sustainable future.

Target Sectors:
Agri-Tech and Food-Tech; Circular Economy; Renewables

Health Equity

Address unmet health and wellness needs of underserved populations to increase the quality and longevity of life.

Target Sectors:
Nutrition; Digitised Healthcare; Preventative Health and Diagnostics

Inclusive and Accessible Services

Catalyse systemic shift in basic services to enable undervalued populations to become equal and independent contributors to society.

Target Sectors:
Inclusive Finance; Education; Mobility; Future of Work

Cartoef van Panhuys
Co-Founder and Venture Partner 

Faye Walsh Drouillard
Founder and Managing Partner

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